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  • JESUS is the Head of the Church.

  • THE BIBLE is the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God, His revelation of Himself and His will for man. It is the Christian's guidebook to a purposeful life, a road map to heaven and the only standard by which right and wrong is to be judged.

  • IN UNITY on matters of faith, liberty in freedom of opinion, and in all things, love.

  • We are not the only body of Christians; rather, we are CHRISTIANS only.

  • In SPEAKING where the Bible speaks and being SILENT as a church voice where the Bible is silent.

  • THE BIBLE is to be the only church manual, creed, or order of dogma.

  • It is the privilege and responsibility of all Christians to take the "Good News" to OTHERS.

  • The local CONGREGATION to be autonomous - self-existing, with no superior officer or body to oversee them collectively. We acknowledge only the leadership of JESUS CHRIST beyond the local leadership of the ELDERS; we believe the MINISTER is to be the spiritual leader, administrator, and director of church services.

  • The main purpose of the believer and the church existing is to bring GLORY, HONOR, and PRAISE to the Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in and through each endeavor undertaken.

What We Believe

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